Accommodation Options

For International Students, there are two accommodation options: our Sacred Heart Boarding Hostel or a homestay family, both provide a warm welcome and support to life at Sacred Heart College.

Boarding Hostel

Our on-site Boarding Hostel caters for up to 130 students from Years 9-13. Our caring Hostel staff provide a nurturing environment, so boys settle into life away from home, whilst recognising the needs and aspirations of young men today and empowering them to take on the world as proud Marist men.

The Headmaster oversees all aspects of the Hostel, with daily management carried out by the Deputy Headmaster Boarding and staff. The Hostel has a Catering Manager who provides nutritious meals each day in the spacious dining hall. All laundry is done on-site, and boys have access to care – medical or emotional – at any time of the day or night. The Hostel closes during school holidays and public holidays, at which time students are required to stay with their local guardian, or a pre-arranged host family.

For more information on Boarding at Sacred Heart, please  see our FAQ's for Sacred Heart Hostel, or visit our Boarding page.

Homestay family

Sacred Heart facilitates the process of finding a suitable homestay family for any International Student. We choose host families carefully so that students can live close to school and easily access public transport, local shops and amenities. The suburbs surrounding the College are spacious and safe, and the houses are modern and well-cared for.

Homestay families will provide three meals a day and integrate students into their family life offering support and care for them while they are in New Zealand. Before a student departs their home country, details of the host family will be sent, and the student will be greeted at the airport when they arrive in New Zealand. Students often form a close bond with their host families and create lifelong relationships.

Our International Department staff provide care and support for all International Students and their homestay families. They are also responsible for ensuring students who are staying with their parents or privately arranged caregivers, have living conditions that comply with the Code of Practice requirements.

For more information on homestay options, please contact the Director of International Students, Mr Ting Xu.

International Student Fees
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International Student Enrolment
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