Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Sacred Heart College is inspired by our Catholic, Marist and Champagnat values. It’s both our privilege and responsibility to create a school culture where the values of Christ, Mary and Marcellin Champagnat are passed on. The Special Character Pillars of the College support this philosophy and are embedded in what we say, what we do and how we treat others.

Each year we focus on a pillar that identifies our charism. Our 2024 pillar is: 

Diligence and Love of Work - Ma mahi Ka ora me te Aroha ki te mahi

Support systems within our school

Every member of the Sacred Heart community works hard to ensure our boys feel safe and supported at school. This is particularly true for our junior boys as they transition into college and adolescent life.

To nurture this, our prefects and volunteer senior leadership students receive Peer Support training in how to implement these strategies for their assigned Year 7, 8 or 9 classrooms throughout the year. As a result of their mentoring and exemplary behaviour, juniors can learn more effectively and feel emotionally safe at school.

All students are assigned a homeroom class with a homeroom teacher. This teacher is the first point of contact if parents or guardians need to discuss any concerns about their son,  and will usually be the first to notice if a student is having difficulties. Parents or caregivers may also choose to contact their son’s Dean for any concerns.

Our Student Council includes boys from all Year levels who meet twice a term to discuss student issues and concerns. A student representative is nominated each year to lead the Student Council and represent the student body on the Board of Trustees. In addition to these systems, English Language Learner (ELL) teaching is offered to any student new to the English language, and individual departments offer extra coaching and tuition to those who need it.

Sacred Heart College staff play a pivotal role in ensuring all students are supported. Staff work collaboratively towards the goal of identifying and assisting students who may need support. This includes the Deputy Headmaster Pastoral, Assistant Headmaster Pastoral, Homeroom teachers, Deans, the Director of International Students, Guidance Counsellors, the Learning Support Department, and the Careers and Transition Department. These staff members meet regularly to put structures in place for any students who are not achieving their potential. 

Fostering partnerships with parents

Sacred Heart is dedicated to supporting the pastoral and academic needs of all students. To foster this, we place great importance on establishing and maintaining close relationships with parents. In forming these partnerships, we can understand issues happening outside of school that may affect your son’s learning and will be best equipped to put support structures in place.

For general situations, the student's Homeroom teacher is the first point of contact. For confidential matters, please contact the student's Dean, the Deputy Headmaster Pastoral, Assistant Headmaster Pastoral, or one of our Guidance Counsellors.

Backed by our Catholic, Marist and Champagnat values, we reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ and the charism of St Marcellin Champagnat and therefore do not tolerate bullying of any kind at Sacred Heart College. If the behaviour is not reported and we are not aware, we cannot support students, and nothing will change. In reporting bullying behaviour, you’re not only protecting your son but also helping other students involved who may need correction, guidance and support. 

Guidance Counsellors

We understand the challenges and pressures our boys face as they navigate their journey towards becoming young men. Our Guidance Counsellors are dedicated to assisting this transition for anyone seeking or needing help. In a caring and supportive environment, our counsellors provide strategies to help our boys work through and overcome their struggles, so they can succeed and thrive in life. 

Our Counsellors

Mrs Silipa is a qualified and very experienced school counsellor. With 27 years’ experience, she has worked in Catholic boys’ schools for nine years, two of those at Sacred Heart.

With her pastoral leadership experience, Mrs Silipa has implemented programmes that foster positive school-community relationships – such as Peer Support, Restorative Practice, Peer Mediation and the Travellers’ programme.

Mr Loulanting is a qualified secondary school teacher and holds a postgraduate qualification in counselling. He is passionate about working with young men and has worked in secondary and tertiary educational settings for the last 12 years.

Ms Fa'afua  joined the counselling team at Sacred Heart College in 2024. She brings with her a background of teaching in Primary and Intermediate schools in both West and South Auckland.  Before coming to Sacred Heart College Ms Fa'afua was a Year 7-8 teacher and Emotional Resilience Curriculum Lead at Kedgley Intermediate. Her passion is supporting the wellbeing and development of our tamariki and believes that relationships are at the heart of what she does. Her purpose is to create safe spaces for our students to be and explore who they are.

All of our counsellors are experts at identifying mental health and well-being needs and recommending age-appropriate programmes to help address them. They work closely with our Pastoral Care team, Heads of Years, the School Nurse and Specialist Teacher Supports. Their practice abides by the NZAC and NZCCA Code of Ethics, meaning confidentiality is respected and maintained unless there is an imminent safety risk.

Making an appointment

Counselling offices are located with student privacy in mind. Students can make an appointment by visiting the counselling area between 8:00 and 8.45 am and filling out a request slip.

Alternatively, students, or parents on a student’s behalf, can book an appointment by emailing or calling our counsellors directly. Our counsellors are also available for inquiries and advice. 

Mrs Nua Silipa
Phone: (09) 529 3660 Ext. 896
 [email protected]

Miss Fa'afua Silipa
email: [email protected]
Mr Arthur Loulanting
Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Phone: (09) 529 3660 Ext. 896
email: [email protected]

Mrs Penny Patten
email:[email protected]

Seeking guidance

Students from all academic levels, ethnicities and backgrounds can seek counselling each week. We warmly welcome anyone who feels they would benefit from counselling – regardless of what they are going through.

People need counselling for many reasons:

  • Personal issues – low self-esteem
  • Stress at home – parent separation or financial difficulties
  • Stress at school – schoolwork, homework, pressure, levels of difficulty or lacking motivation
  • Relationship issues – friends, romantic, parents, siblings, wider family members or peers at school
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias
  • Behavioural issues
  • Examination stress and how to manage it
  • Self-harm
  • Sexuality or identity issues
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss of a family member or friend
  • Feeling discriminated, victimised
  • Drugs and alcohol, addictions
  • Body image – eating disorders

Offering support

Our counsellors are well-equipped to navigate sensitive situations. To support students, they may offer individual or small group counselling, mediation and advocacy, peer support or a well-being assessment. Students may also access external agencies for further support if necessary.

If students are facing depression, anxiety, panic attacks or other mental health issues, they may be referred to the Kari Centre, Whirinaki or Marinoto for psychological support. This is free of charge and requires parent or guardian consent first. On occasion, itinerant counsellors from Youthline, Altered High and other youth and mental health organisations may come into the school in collaboration with our counsellors or the Pastoral Care Team.

Useful resources

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