International Student Enrolment

We welcome applications from a wide range of nationalities to study at Sacred Heart College. International students may enrol from Years 7 to 13, aged 11-18 years old. Sacred Heart College Hostel enrols students from Years 9 to 13 and requires International Boarders to have a local guardian to provide extra support for them.

Our International Student Handbook forms part of the Enrolment Agreement. We invite you to read through this handbook for further information on enrolling at Sacred Heart College including  enrolment requirements, and school policies.

Entry Requirements

Sacred Heart College is a Catholic school, preference is given to students from Catholic families. However, places are available to students of other religious traditions. Selection will be made by the Director of International Students based on:

  • Previous academic record and performance
  • English language competency
  • Student's attitude, characters, and work ethic
  • Co-curricular activities that the student takes
  • A successful interview with the Deputy Headmaster - Boarding, if your accommodation option is the hostel
Application Process

Application for a place at Sacred Heart College takes the following steps:

  1. Complete  the online  International Students Application Form and Enrolment Agreement   
  2. Student interview in person or via a video conference. A pre-entry English test may also be required
  3. An Offer of Place and invoice received from the College when the application is successful
  4. Confirmation of place and receipt issued upon full payment of tuition, accommodation and miscellaneous fees
  5. Student visa application submitted to Immigration New Zealand
  6. Medical and Travel insurance to be confirmed
  7. An orientation programme is sent to the student prior to the course commencement

Please note: The renewal of an Offer of Place for each subsequent year of enrolment is not automatic and not guaranteed by the College. The renewal of an Offer of Place is based on the academic progression, attendance, and behaviour of the student both in and out of school among other factors, as determined by the College.

Local Guardian for International Boarding Students

International Students who are boarding at Sacred Heart College Hostel, regardless of their age at the time of enrolment, must have a local guardian in Auckland to provide extra support for the student. Normally a guardian is a relative or family friend who can communicate in English and the native language of the student.  The Guardian’s role is also to provide temporary accommodation when the hostel is closed or due to illness. 

Professional guardianship can be organised by the International Department at the parents’ own cost and charged along with other school fees. The appointment of a guardian is subject to the approval of the College.

As part of the application process for Boarding at Sacred Heart College, local guardians are required to complete a Guardianship Agreement

International Student Fees
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International Department Staff
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