International Student Fees

International Student Fees 2024 and Refund Policy

Please note: All costs are GST inclusive. These costs are current for 2024 and are subject to change in 2025 (view PDF below for 2025 costs).

Course Fees

Tuition Fee
Please contact the International Office for short term fees
$19,940 (per year)
Administration fee$2,420 (per year)

Homestay Fees

Weekly homestay fees at NZ$364 (age 14 and above)

$16,744 (46 weeks)

Weekly homestay fees at NZ$385 (below 14 years old)

$17,710 (46 weeks)
Homestay placement and administration fee*$480
Homestay holding fees
Required if a student's room is kept for the school holidays, or domestic and overseas trip longer than 2 weeks. 
$90 (per week)

Boarding in Sacred Heart College Hostel

Annual Boarding Fee
It covers school terms only. The Hostel is closed during term holidays, mid-term breaks and public holidays with all students off-site. Accommodation and transportation during these times need to be arranged by parents/guardians at the boarder's own expense. The International Department may be able to assist.
$17,900 (4 terms)
Boarding One-time setup
This covers the place allocation, instruction of laundry number and name labels, and hostel Orah App set up and instruction.
$350 (one off charge - new boarders only)

Boarding holiday homestay  fee 
Compulsory for term holidays, public holidays and school's mid-term breaks when the Hostel is closed, unless accommodation is arranged by the guardian or caregivers. Fees are an estimate only, refundable if unused, and can be carried over to following years.

$3,848 (10.5 weeks approximately)
Boarding holiday homestay placement fee
Compulsory for boarders unless holiday accommodation arranged by parents or guardian, subject to the College's approval.
$480 (covers multi-placements)
Guardianship Fee (Optional)

All International Students who are accepted into the Hostel MUST have a New Zealand Contact Person in Auckland acting as their guardian (not a legal guardian). The guardianship fee is charged only if the College arranges a professional guardian at the request of the parent(s). There is no fee if the parent(s) arrange their own guardian,  subject to the College’s approval.

$3,500 (per year)
Accomodation Compliance Fee
Compulsory for students living with parents of a designated caregiver.
$170 (per year)
Additional Costs

For all additional costs, click on the links below: 

Tuition Fees Refund Policy

All fees stated on the invoice accompanying the Offer of Place are to be paid prior to the commencement of the enrolled course at Sacred Heart College. Payment of fees is confirmation and acceptance of the Enrolment Agreement for International Students and adherence to the Policies and Guidelines stated in the International Student Handbook.

  1. There is no refund of tuition fees, except in very exceptional circumstances (refer to clause 3).
  2. No refunds will be made:
    • If a student voluntarily withdraws from the College.
    • If a student transfers to another school part-way through their course.
    • If a student acquires permanent residency status or his parents are granted work permits after having already enrolled at the College as an International Student.
    • If a student’s enrolment is terminated by the College on the grounds of serious misconduct including but not limited to misbehaviour, unacceptable attendance, poor academic performance, violation of the School rules, criminal behaviour, or providing misleading or false information as part of the admission and enrolment process, and/or;
    • If a student returns home for any reason other than the exceptional circumstances approved by the School Board.
  3. Exceptional circumstances which may be submitted for consideration are:
    • the death or serious illness of a parent or sibling, in which the Student is required to return home immediately.
    • the College ceasing to provide a course as contracted with the student.
    • the College ceasing to be a signatory of the Education Code of Practice.
    • the College ceasing to be an Education provider.
  4. In order to be considered for any refund the Parent or Legal Guardian of an International Student must apply in writing to the School Board setting out the special circumstances of the claim and must include suitable and verifiable proof of evidence to support the claim. Application must be made at least 10 weeks in advance before it is considered and a decision is made.
  5. If an accepted application for refund is made before the commencement of the course, fees will be refunded less a NZ$2,420 (2024) administration fee, or NZ$2,440 (2025)
  6. If an accepted application for refund is made after the commencement of the course, fees will be refunded less:
    • an administration fee of NZ$2,420 (2024), NZ$2,440 (2025).
    • MOE and Proprietor’s levies already paid by the school.
    • The components of the fee already committed for the full duration of the course, including General Purpose and Attendance Due and the salaries for teachers, teacher aides, and staff involved in the International programme.
    • Commission already paid to agents if applicable.
    • SHC Hostel fees for the full current Term in which a student has withdrawn and those prior.
  7. Any unused portion of fees paid to homestay, or fees for services not yet delivered or used, may be refunded. SHC Hostel fees for any completely unattended Terms may be refunded upon application to the Hostel Board.
  8. All refunds will be made to the person who paid the fees i.e. the parent, guardian, or parental representative.

Fees Protection Policy

Rationale and Guidelines

The school is required to ensure that all students' fees are protected in the event that the College is unable to continue to offer tuition to International Students or in the event that a student is required to return home. The School Board of Sacred Heart College confirms that the Tuition Fees of International Students will not be spent by the College prior to the tuition being provided.

Other costs

Medical and Travel Insurance

International Students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand and Sacred Heart College. This is a Code of Practice requirement. Medical and Travel Insurance can be arranged through the College with the Student Safe Insurance Plan. If students wish to purchase their own insurance, they must provide a copy of the insurance certificate and policy wordings to the College. The International Department will determine whether the insurance provides sufficient cover for the student’s medical, travel and potential repatriation needs.

Eligibility for Health Services

International Students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health, and can be viewed on their website at

The Accident Compensation Corporation

In New Zealand ACC provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand. International Students may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC website at

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